MIXED, yet another sea surface heat flux



This set of sea surface fluxes (latent, sensible, net short and long wave heat fluxes together with the wind stress) was computed with COARE 3.0 bulks formulae, using the ECMWF Operationnal System atmospheric state interpolated on the 1/4 degree grid of TMI-AMSRE satellite SSTs.

There is one binary file (netcdf coming soon...) per variable and per year from 2003 to 2006. Each binary file contains daily records of the year.

Fields are available here

Different sets of fluxes are available, depending on the domain you're interested in:

Grids are in matlab format, availble here.

A matlab routine to read files is here, using NX,NY given in grid files.

Last, a validation of the heat flux over the North Atlantic was conducted successfully. Check the summary on this page.

Credits input datas:


G. Maze, G. Forget, M. Buckley, J. Marshall and I. Cerovecki: Using transformation and formation maps to study the role of air-sea heat fluxes in North Atlantic Eighteen Degree Water formation. JPO